Chiropractic has been such an important part of my life since young adulthood, that I can hardly imagine it not being a part of everybody’s life. I share the story of how I became a chiropractor with many of my practice members and the story, which I will repeat for you here, is why I do what I do.

My sophomore year of college, I began having neck pain. I sought care from a chiropractor and was feeling better soon. I had been to a chiropractor several times in high school and dropped out of care as soon as I felt better. And like before, usually this is where my chiropractic journey would have ended again. But not this time. This is when my journey actually takes an important turn.

The chiropractor I was seeing was a special chiropractor. He took the time to explain to me the natural health benefits of chiropractic. He gave me literature to read and had me attend a chiropractic health class. It was because of his effort, that I understood the big picture and realized that chiropractic, while helpful with aches and pains, was actually about health. I learned that the nervous system controls all body functions, and that if a vertebra is misplaced it can interfere with the nervous system and adversely affect health. I was so inspired I made the decision to become a chiropractor myself.

I then did the unthinkable. I sent my family, who had no signs of back pain, to see a chiropractor for no other reason but to check for spinal nerve interference. My family began regular chiropractic care just to keep healthy. What would my life be like without chiropractic? Well, before I began regular chiropractic care, I was the kid who caught every bug that went around. My immune system was so weak I never went more than a couple months without fighting the “common” cold. Today, I am proud to say those days are long gone. When I do feel sickness coming on, I go to the chiropractor for an adjustment. My body heals itself without drugs and without nerve interference.

My Chiropractic And Wellness Philosophy

Does this mean I am anti-medicine? Not necessarily. If I break my leg or go into cardiac arrest, I need a medical doctor. My point is to recognize the difference. Chiropractic is about health care and medicine is about sickness, or crisis care.

After graduating from chiropractic school in 2007 I have been in private practice in Goodhue since February of 2008.

I am an avid sports fan, especially basketball, and love spending as much time as possible outdoors. In the summer, you can usually find me competing in 5K’s and sprint triathlons. While the winter months you can often find me hitting the slopes on my snowboard.

To keep me in the game I receive weekly chiropractic checkups just to ensure that there is no interference to my body’s nervous system, as well as monthly massages. Along with that, daily cardiovascular exercise and strength training keep my body strong.

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